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on friday at least fifteen people were killed in clashes between yemen's u.a.e. backed forces and locals in the southern province of sabah a far cry from the expectations of a cease fire agreement signed in sweden on december eighteenth. the low in the port city of her data the lifeline to deliver aid to the rest of the country protesters are calling on the un to enforce a full ceasefire and for yemen's government to follow it the accuse the saudi led coalition of carrying out well altitude flights over the city but the blame goes both ways the coalition accuses who the fighters of remaining in three ports despite a previous agreement to leave. amid negotiations and unstable agreements the worst humanitarian crisis in recent history continues with more than fourteen million gemini's on the brink of famine. after yemen griffith's
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plans to visit saudi arabia to meet with exile yemeni president abdul rob a month to hadi the u.s. secretary of state might pump alle the schedule to stop in riyadh and the u.a.e. next week the war in yemen will likely be at the top of the agenda was another attempt to enforce and ultimately save a fragile cease fire with lingering optimism that both sides will comply. with a yawn al-jazeera calls on you still to come including these to find out why organizers of this year's deca rally are so eager for competitors to stay on course . and they were once used as bomb shelters trained world war two will show you what they are being used for today.
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however after the season cycling that went through certain talent things that are remarkably quiet he says of spots are tired and there are a few showers around indonesia wanted to in malaysia otherwise it's gaza quite clear focus wise it'll be the same sort of thing the green dots in the center of the showers they are constructed for the south not so much in java and still is possible in singapore the or get to a shower every day and the sydney greenbank up against the far south of thailand is not what seasons are manji was out of season and the weather settled down to some degree in australia now the heat is still high but the cyclists on this offshore remains offshore this is an old one this is petty that might come back into the queensland coast in the next day or so otherwise the highest temperatures which had been relieved now adelaide in melbourne are still generating inland showers in new south wales and southern queensland as you can see and the heat in perth also in the thirty's is going down to just maybe just below thirteen next day or so but
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it's still hot in alice springs it's just no longer anywhere near record heat in new zealand should be nice quiet weather shouldn't it made it it is twenty five you know little bit cooler in christchurch cloud on the west coast in particular but largely it looks pretty fine to me. rewind returns can bring your people back to life. with new updates on the best of . us they have. begins with mohammed and i was. i was. like any other student i was very fortunate to be awarded a. rewind on al jazeera. here
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with al-jazeera live from doha these are your headlines so results from the democratic republic of congo's presidential election have been delayed by one week was expected on sunday but fewer than half the votes are being counted so far. no breakthrough in the partial u.s. government shutdown after talks between senior democrats and administration officials president trump on twitter saying there was no headway made but his vice president mike pence says the meeting was quote productive. and the u.n. special envoy martin griffiths is back in yemen trying to convince both sides in the water fully comply with the cease fire agreement they are accusing each other. of violating the for. an egyptian police officers being killed while trying to
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defuse a bomb near a church in cairo two other officers and a civilian nearby were injured when the device went off it comes days before egypt's christian minority celebrate the coptic christmas egyptian christians have been targeted in a number of tax in recent years. is associate professor of political science at long island university and she says there have been more attacks in egypt around the holiday season. unfortunately seen a pattern of targeting churches before christmas just as happened last year with the last a terror attack being the killing during a child's baptism back in november. we don't know who is taking claims for this and we also know that there was an attack on a tourist bus just last week exactly a week ago from tonight and so return see an uptick and targeting of civilians we look at the pattern of terrorists where they start with attacking the state or
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symbols of the city the security apparatus of the police and in egypt that's what inside beat them up this is a terrorist organization that folded into ice all started doing back in two thousand and thirteen they then asked to attacking those seeming to be in cahoots or sympathetic to the state and that's when we saw the attack on susi shrines last just around this time last year because those were supposedly families that we whiled state they then escalated that now attacking civilians and one terrorist here speak into attack civilians and mass what it's meant to do is to actually chill society so that they act for political change now we don't know if i'm sorry too much as has done this because no one has been credit but we do know is that during the how the suits and during the peak time of egypt's tourist time period we're seeing an uptick in terrorist attacks and that is no way to but i just chill society but attacks. a bomb blast has injured at least three policemen in the
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afghan capital kabul they've been taken to hospital but no one group has claimed responsibility for the attack. thousands of people in myanmar as rakhine state fled their homes after rebels attacked four police stations killing at least thirteen offices the u.n. humanitarian agency says many of those displaced have taken shelter in camps and monasteries the coordinated attacks on police stations were carried by the can army outcome rebels want autonomy in rakhine state meanwhile military responded to the attacks by deploying to infantry divisions and aerial bombardments. brazil's new government has deployed troops to the northern states city of four to let's count a spike in violent crime nearly eighty incidents were reported this week across the state. including robberies gun attacks and buildings being set on fire reports suggest the drugs gangs were responding to tough new measures in the prisons the president. has promised to have a crackdown on crime. the new leader of venezuela's opposition controlled national
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assembly is promising to challenge the president nicolas maduro when he's sworn in for a second term next week. is an illegitimate leader because opposition candidates were barred from contesting last may his election on saturday twelve latin american countries and canada want more duro that they will not recognize his new government the pentagon's chief of staff has stepped down weeks after his boss the defense secretary james mattis resigned kevin sweeney is now the third senior pentagon official to resign after president donald trump said u.s. forces would leave northern syria u.s. officials have said there is no timetable for the withdrawal of troops but it has caused tensions within the trump administration. the u.k.'s prime minister's reason may assess critics are putting democracy at risk if they cannot unite behind her deal m.p.'s that use a vote on her agreement to leave the e.u. next week but while westminster does remain divided there is an unexpected surge of
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support from some immigrants in one of london's most multicultural neighborhoods lawrence lee explains. this part of south london is home to people from all over the world afghans sell fruits and vegetables to eastern europeans and africans who rub along perfectly happily with british people who have lived here for generations you might assume this multicultural pockets of the capital is entirely against a brick say it's often portrayed as a defense of whites britain but not so for this nigerian restaurant there is a quiet satisfaction at the prospect of the u.k. cutting its ties with europe and starting to pay more attention to its historical friends in the commonwealth this they struggle for the right to stay in the u.k. while e.u. citizens don't and they think it isn't fair so most of them voted leave before because we see bridges in this in your rights to leave iraq in after we go and swear allegiance to the queen ten men naturalized in mad nationality to the
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community which is a lot of money but when people come from europe to come into the country today there is a system they don't need to go to india not on out and then because their conscience part of the day after that everything and we as a in pensacola i feel cheated i feel jealous about the average africa. african british gladly work for breakthrough because they know not because i have anything against the rupee and why it would give us this leverage in terms of treatment opportunity are walking. governments has already tried to indicate. it's support for the commonwealth the prime minister visited both kenya and nigeria last may in london the africa next patch it looked all of this enthusiastically britain. from nigeria especially. going
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to talk more than i do believe there's someone from was in a lot of you know thing investments in nigeria and cutting their money from their own daily bases so they have to return something back to us. it is perhaps an open question what some hard call backs it is make of the support for their cause from black people after all some of the people on this rally in london carried white supremacist flags and hold openly racist opinions the nigerians in london level this but they don't see board ever since the referendum nearly two and a half years ago polling organizations have tried as hard as they can to understand the voting intentions of almost every demographic but for all that the idea that people from commonwealth countries like nigeria might have voted in large numbers to leave the european union is still an almost entirely untold story and one which may have had a bigger affects on the outcome of the referendum than has previously been
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understood. there are of course economic arguments that future british trading arrangements with the commonwealth wouldn't be anything like as lucrative for the u.k. as remaining in the e.u. but much of brics it is about emotion and not facts the idea of a rebooted british commonwealth has many supporters here horsley al-jazeera in south london. union leaders in hungary are calling for a national strike and more protests over controversial labor reforms now last month the government introduced what's being called the slave will it increases the amount of extra hours employers can demand alternating overtime payments. in neighboring serbia thousands of anti-government protesters are rallied for a fifth week there demanding media freedom and an end to attacks on journalists and opposition as it is the rallies were triggered by an assault on an opposition politician by unknown attackers in november. french ministers have held an emergency meeting after the first yellow best protest of the new year turned
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violent. the police fired tear gas to disperse anti-government demonstrators in central paris on saturday at least fifty thousand people rallied in cities across the country that's well below the numbers first seen on the movement began three months ago. for the first time since the switch consonance to south america the races to be held in just one country the governments of peru has invested millions of dollars in the event and is now hoping for a financial as well as a sporting payback. furrowing mountains riding along beaches or through the moving dunes of the deck a rally launches a new edition in just this latin american nation challenging competition in one of the world's roughest to rains that dakar officials say will bring great benefits to the country a place been if it has been the media impact of the great one thousand two hundred hours of international media promotion and one hundred ninety countries and over seventy t.v.
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channels it's huge it gives us the opportunity to promote tourism in the country between vested nearly six million dollars to hold the competition here but the government says the images of seen around the world is equivalent to nearly two hundred million dollars in advertising. on one hand is the economic impact generated by the event itself the rally's development leaves us sixty million dollars in consumption of goods and services and there's a lot of spending from people along the rally's road nearly five hundred drivers and writers will meet a five thousand kilometer world mainly on the father region of the country but one of the challenges to preserve. sites. civilizations thousands of years old lived and disappeared there many critics say the competition could in danger priceless heritage. the government says it's mapped out forty four archaeological sites and eco systems to protect our park rangers and archaeologists
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will guard these areas simply ellipsoid even though you try to keep far away from evidently cultural areas you can't know what might be under the ground and unexpectedly find traces of ruins that's a risk but the real impact on the route of the people who don't respect the imposed limits thousands of peruvians are expected to follow the drivers along the way the experts say these spectators could become the main threat to the ancient sites during a much loved and much to criticised competition with the n.s.a. . thousands of families have lined the streets of madrid to catch a glimpse of the annual three kings parade floats carrying the kings that the procession through the spanish capital on saturday the celebration marks the christian festival of the a perfect which many spanish consider more important than christmas sweets thrown into the crowds represent gifts brought by the biblical three wise men to jesus. a former military banker in hong kong that played
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a crucial role in world war two has been given a new lease of life instead of bullets and bombs it's now home to some of the world's best wines so a clock went to take a look. it's tucked away in one of the most expensive residential areas in hong kong carved into the side of the mountain it was once the main ammunition depĂ´t for british forces in the colony during world war two built in preparation for a japanese attack in world war two it was the very last place to surrender to the japanese so hong kong surrendered on christmas day nine hundred forty one and little hong kong which was the code name given to the sites we actually lost until the twenty seventh of december nine hundred forty one so we always like to joke it's a little hong kong outlasted big hong kong by two days it's a network of underground bunkers but emulation has been replaced by crates of some of the world's best wines with a cool dark bunker is offering perfect conditions for storage we have about two
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thousand of the biggest collectors in asia that use us we have around about one and a half million bottles with us and we have a total in catastrophic insurance cover of just under four billion dollars so you can imagine the per bottle value is is very high the bunkers was so sensitive lee restored they want to unesco heritage award they were unknown and inaccessible to many in hong kong for years now everyone is welcome i think the whole idea is a win win for the community absolutely because the way they've done it the way they've built up the activities and preserve the building and also i have to say very you've got a very good sense of the historical importance there once twenty four bunkers here at this site there are now i left each one holds up to twenty five thousand bottles of wine including one of the most expensive ever sold at auction at two hundred thirty five thousand dollars for that reason god monitor the site closely maintaining twenty four hours of violence the auction is subbies regards hong kong
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as the wine capital of asia it's been southern the strongest market this year with hong kong accounting for more than. the company's one hundred million dollar global one. of the last fifteen years without doubt it's probably been the biggest. bank in the bunker it's not just about the value of vintage wines the relics of war have turned it into a working memorial to hong kong's past syria clock al-jazeera hong kong. these are the top stories results from the democratic republic of congo's presidential election have been delayed by a week an announcement was expected on sunday but fewer than half the votes.
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they made with a little bit to happen in the heated debates even if being delayed. for several people protesting on the streets and sometimes the police were deployed sometimes they use live ammunition and some people were killed during those protests so they have the big concern they could be more violent is probably why the united states has deployed soldiers to the bottom there on standby ready to come in evacuate american citizens so in terms of violence people are on high alert in case people are unhappy with the outcome of the u.s. president sisters hold a meeting with senior staff at camp david on sunday as the partial government shutdown enters its sixteenth day white house officials might senior democratic congressional members. but they still haven't found a way to break the deadlock. the u.s. national security adviser is in israel on a two day visit and is due to meet the prime minister benjamin netanyahu in the coming few hours john bolton is expected to address israeli concerns over the
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withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria there are worries it will allow greater iranian influence bolton will then head for ankara turkey has promised to take the lead in the fight against isis or in syria but it reportedly wants american military support to continue even after the troops pull out the un special envoy martin griffiths is back in yemen trying to convince both sides in the war there to fully comply with the recently agreed cease fire they're accusing each other of violating the troops and egyptian policeman's died while trying to defuse a bomb near a church in cairo two other officers and an onlooker were injured when the device went off it comes less than two days before egypt's christian minority celebrates the coptic christmas brazil's new government has deployed troops to the northern city of. take on a spike in violent crime nearly eighty incidents were reported this week across the states of syria including robberies gun attacks and austin reports say drugs gangs
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were responding to tough new measures inside brazilian prisons the president. has promised a heavy crackdown on crying those are your headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after rewind i'll see you very soon oppa.
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hello and welcome to this week's rewind on the parana and if you've seen the show before you know that we're taking another look at some of the very best documentaries we've made over the past decade here at al-jazeera english this week we're rewinding back to two thousand and eleven when al-jazeera as witness series followed the remarkable story of a young palestinian boys emotional journey from sharing a bed with his grandmother and two brothers in a rundown lebanese refugee camp to a place at eton college one of the most exclusive private schools in the u.k. founded more than five hundred years ago by the english king henry the sixth it's a long line to the rich and famous princes william and harry were both educated there as when my nine hundred former u.k. prime ministers were finding out what's become of muhammad since he graduated from eton college but first let's take a look at mohamed that on the witness series back in two thousand and eleven.
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this is. this is. this is. really the this thing as you know. it's only because this is that it appears as. don't call us by this thing and mohammed farhad is a sixteen year old student at the alexis school it's funded by the u.n. because palestinian refugees cannot attend lebanese schools these are the scores of mohammad is the first one is a cause and if you look to see this is for example which john pointed out of one hundred. and one hundred seventy years. one hundred one. beneficiary out. of the mohammed may be bright but as a refugee his opportunities for further education and jobs a severely limited. the conditions here out of his that i've been to the
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people here here have suffered from many of the many bad conditions as you see the assaults in the. mohammed's grandparents fled palestine from lebanon in one nine hundred forty eight the family now lives in jim jim village with other palestinians this is my uncle's house. of our house is still there is this is my mother my grandmother my last been in genuine how we should but. i wish it and i wish you. luck learn from nothing that gareth your. money will know another live now and this is. my bedroom. with my brothers and my grandmother. also my grandmother here my brothers here you know ground. they are
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the younger one he go weak and sleep in there but i listen too much oh miss him when he. mohammed has never left lebanon but he's about to embark on a life changing journey a fully funded six film scholarship to eton college in england this is a letter by the headmaster of east on good loads the details of the horizon a scholarship given to him but he says we were very happy it will come out to eat on last march and where it impressed by the way in which he embraced all aspects of his visit by their academic buttons i was very proud. and embarrassed by this letter. almost all of. i mean no five hundred. when we are new. but i say i'm going to limit.
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the horizon foundation will fund my habit for two years of study this is an amazing opportunity for leaving home is a huge step for both him and his family. he said is one of the world's most prestigious schools and is famous for its high achieving students tradition plays a large role here from the former uniform of black tails to eccentric annual events it costs nearly fifty thousand dollars a year to attend each and one in five of the people received assistance and for the scholarship boys like mohammed expectations are high. the school is divided into twenty five boarding houses with about fifty boys in each mohammed's new home will be waynflete run by housemaster richard pratt and jane stephens known as the dame answer. to that the state against yeah well thank you very much and f.a.q.
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. put top yeah back. to venice the uniform in the pocket change here at. the door and then there's the. she's right down for new boy so is united where to put things so it is just a routine day with the option to some person present there. was this ethical whether you should use them or lot with issues levels and how how you should hellish be used and mohammed is studying for a levels a two year exam course which will determine which university he gets into. i'm doing the film a physics chemistry biology and i'm doing our bit over there bill and when the boys
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in the house told me that blowing the inverter for recess is maybe. work in them. and their sleep until returns on terror strike you don't think. flip the floggings small is very small you know we've heard on these four different grounds that it's really with. a lot of pressure because it's interesting but at the same but i found it very difficult yesterday it was the first for me thing was the microscope i was really confused i don't know what to do. oh it wants to go home one just to call by the end of this first year mohammed will be sitting his a s. exams fifty percent of his final grades. we need to clear away. so there's something for time that. he didn't give me. i often think it's really different sometimes it's really
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cool sometimes i don't like it because let's be honest the best suited love is in your real goal what is it that you love was exactly yeah that's the best you got that out of this. man it isn't just adapting to new school becoming etonian means getting to grips with a whole host of traditions that even british boys might find curious like the school celebration of st andrew's day. they would have said the person likes said they were there much bigger do you know very intimate that this is the fourth of july full it's called the whole do you almost always a very intimate yes a very diverse ninety's day holiday season don't see learned. in the same way that the colonies usually receive anything to read this is a pretty nice way of looking at the world just like your friends here for you ok
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thank you so i think it's. today mohammed is watching the war game one of the strangest balloons that is only played at least. this is one of the feeling no and you can see the boys sitting on the ward they have to take the ball and raise it from the ground and this is like a go in football game the now this is the first official suppression and even i. know i watched the whole game and i have to understand its rules. when i first arrived at my house i was a bit homesick coming to a boarding school is much more different we have rules phone for sleeping.
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living with a newborn he's sleeping alone in my room is really different. and it's difficult for mohammed during the first time he's been away from home for this festival by the muscles to lay down course yeah. because the roof. yeah i was a bit said homesick because being far from my family from my problem was. it's a bit. this was the first snow experience for me during which a big snowman. they mention it as fuel and soft as i follow that. experience. it's been a testing term but already mohammed has come
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a long way. he's i'm very willing to it is math and physics it was performed at a very high level there has been sometimes are two times that he's doing a course that assumed a certain amount of background knowledge that he didn't have to do is work very hard to to fill those gaps. i don't quite like him to get away from the desk a little bit and to maybe tries hundred a few other things and it's a strange thing for teachers to be saying but actually not work on its own right. this is the schoolyard of it and call is this is this. henry the sixth the person who is going to he is our father or people here here are very proud of him. this is the chapel of. easton's gothic chapel is central to school life there's a service almost every day and those of all faiths attend going to temple is was
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one of them in the for us is. in them as a muslim i haven't been to a church. but i was excited to go to discover well you know other people from different cultures. and the boys in the school to think me as one of them but nevertheless many people think that islam is a violent religion at all i'm against this idea so i think to try to change these ideas. mohammed is not the only muslim in the school and on some days they meet together with an. i think what will happen is that the islamic world will actually find its own sense of self confidence through the role prosy do think this will lead to realty between arabs and muslims i mean like. why don't lawyer i just think it's just an amazing moment if so how does.
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this affect this very musical and he loves playing many instruments. he's told me that i can reach my school through music and this is something you knew that i hear from him. today is the school concert and i'm thinking and it was thought that the best the single at the beginning of this and other really enjoyed it is the first singing experience for me. and that piece of music is called the queen i am above a day. it's
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been a formative time for my ham it was heading home for easter and the requiem is a fitting end he's been busy in flower st and he's having an impact on his academic work as well which is always strong and is getting stronger i'm very fortunate to have a house filled with musicians he's taking part in. this extraordinary occasion and i think he's coming around to my way of thinking. that actually it is part of what makes his wheel. if you will.
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this is my exam i have fourteen exams this year which is massive i think compared to many other boys in my year this is the first public exams for me and. i want to do preparing i think what. this term is dominated by exams but the boys do get a morning off to watch the wedding of the year. watching the royal what the front the culprit that it's being in is very exciting. for you. it was a great working very moist area. but it was very long. generally not really
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he came. his legs there were other people in there were. mohammed has had a busy few weeks but finally it's his last exam today no i'm not there in their first look this is the last min through vision when i was in labor i was the top of the class and. i'm like you and the other student so i have to do. well this week was very tiring for me i had exams from monday. to the loss of vision special in the last two days i think that. period. with exams over mohammed can enjoy the english summer.
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so when you get. someone catches the ball so ok so. i'm. very well. and. each his most famous annual event is called the fourth and commemorates the birthday of the third. it's a reminder of the privilege education that the boys receive there's
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a slight danger that they may pass through reason with the notion that they are more special rather than because it is an unusual place which has a lot of cultural baggage historical baggage so actually probably more important is that while they appreciate and recognize. they don't go away thinking they're too special. i met many who were really friendly with me i discovered. from very. very really. backing grounds so it's one of the things that makes me more. the school. even has a long tradition of rowing and the day's highlight is watching the time honored procession of boats. fishing. and it is certainly to do one would expect not least into the shoes. of the boys.
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they are really most like you so. well i've seen boys rowing before but it's a special thing today because they already during peace especially with the house before the house with the flow was surreal because. with his first year nearing an end mohammed visits the family that has funded his scholarship and. he's just one of forty international students that they have helped you sort of lose a little bit of faith in a little bit of hope in terms of the whole political process ever reaching any sort of positive resolution at least in our lifetime and so you do what you can and i mean you you try in empowering young people you hope that they will then improve the lives of people in their community in terms of the long term i mean you see yourself going back to love the law or you see yourself saying around here or it's
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my. liver you know i want to study here and then try to help my people i mean palestinians who live in they really suffer from very bad conditions so i think it's the duty of people who had chances like me to go bourke and changing these but and this is for people. mohammed's applying to study engineering at university but it's one of the professions that he can't practice in lebanon because he's a palestinian refugee everything. and i think about my fuse i following that situation is obstacle in front of me well i have to work even if i find obstacles in my way. it's the end of term and waynflete is packing up nothing else to go. mohammed has been invited on a trip to europe with some of the boys before he heads home to lebanon i don't he's more excited actually i think because i know you are but we are too for you to be.
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here here it would be very. good research and we want to thank you and it's a good job all right but i don't. have a great son. but. also about my. i think my experience here in prague in my mind i became more confident more thoughtful and more aware of all what's happening in the world. and. in between my old cult and this cult. but. i'm still a. palestinian and i think my experience made me
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more conscious about helping other people and. that was more than six years ago and i'm sure you're wondering what's happened to muhammad well i'm pleased to say that he is joining us now from our london studio great to see you muhammad so as we mentioned you graduated from eton in two thousand and twelve what's happened since but i was very fortunate to be awarded another scholarship by the arisan foundation to continue my studies at u.c.l. in london i was a. did a job offer in london at a global engineering consultancy called macdonald where i've been working for more than a year now what sort of projects are you working on there i've been mainly working on two projects the first one is a road expansion in the u.s. actually after that ice the start of the way working on a. you just scheme in london called the cross trail and the aim is to
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build and you read way that connects south west london with north east london do you have any plans of going back to the lead the norm or even go into palestine the reality at the moment is that as a palestinian i am deprived from the right to free and to palestine because of the israeli occupation there united nation has it offend our right as palestinians to go to back to our home countries every single year we have since nineteen forty eight since my grandparents were kicked out the united nations resolution one thousand for a fair and our right to go back we've never been allowed to go my grandmother who was featured in this documentary passed away two years ago without achieving had a dream of going back so in terms of going to lebanon i love lebanon because my parents are i miss them and they miss me but the problem is that as palestinians in
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lebanon we deprived from many civil rights we are not allowed to work in more than twenty professions me as a civil engineer i wouldn't be able to practice and lebanon many of my friends who have graduated from university have actually gone back to lebanon and at the moment they are still unemployed and so where is home for you now and how does your family feel that this has so far been a one way journey for you my dream is to be back in palestine and the ultimate goal of a home is actually palestine but at the same time i still have my childhood memories of lebanon i love lebanon because i grew up there my family is there the u.k. on the other hand has provided me with life changing opportunities. i spent their formative years of. i made many friends i was made connections
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so i would always have a connection but home will continue to be in the back of my mind. thank you very much muhammad for joining us and telling us about your life now well that's it for this week you can find lots of other specially selected films on the rewind page of the website for now until next time. rewind return. back to life from sars with new updates on the best of. the number of reforms. the program. we were following orders we send young people to fight these wars put them in the most complex situations you can imagine and have them make life and death decisions
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rewind on al-jazeera. a lot again of cell of being in control don't know that it's tremendous for the country so i think and he was determined to go on could use a little at that point to for a sword to avenge its people slaughtered eight hundred eighty is he smashes the frankish on captures the king of jerusalem he sees is the true cross and this is the great military victory the crusades an arab perspective episode three
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unification and this time on a jersey of. al-jazeera . where and for us. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm down in jordan this is the out as they were news hour live from doha
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coming up in the next sixty minutes the wait gets longer the results of the vote choose a new leader in the democratic republic of congo was delayed by another week. no breakthrough senior democrats and trumpet ministration officials failed again to end the partial u.s. government shutdown. thousands of forced on their homes as fighting intensifies between rebels and the army in rakhine state. and in sport find out why organizers of this year's dakar rally are so eager for competitors. to stay on course. welcome to the program in the democratic republic of congo will have to wait another week to find out the preliminary results of last month's presidential election the outcome was expected to be announced on sunday but the head of the election commission says it's counted less than hoff's of the votes when the
6:50 pm
catholic church is calling for the result to be made public to avoid political unrest it's been vocal in its own position to the extension of president joseph kabila seventeen year let's go live to harm in the congolese capital kinshasa. been reacting to news of yet more delays to the election result. by the con i understand why take so long to release the results if they think they have the government is trying to manipulate a vote trying to play with the numbers to make sure that we didn't get handed in my new study when the election got going to saying look i'm just that idiotic eight is that you need a very big country with a population of about eighty million people some of those people live in remote very five areas and say it's going to count a b. think will vote and verify if you can go vote people to remain calm and be patient . and patience is wearing thin people in the democratic republic of congo with us promised election results on
6:51 pm
sunday now some time next week. joseph kabila has clung on to his presidency since his term ended two years ago despite that he says he will step down after seventeen years in power he hopes emmanuel rahman son is shaddai would take his place a man who played a role in the violent suppression of opposition protest in two thousand and seventeen shot hari is up against two main opposition front bonus for more oil executive mushing face and the son of the late opposition leader felix just. the united nations security council held a closed door meeting with representatives calling for transparency in the election results we call on all actors for call and restraint the olding of these consultations underlines the will of the security council to maintain
6:52 pm
a very attentive monitoring of the electoral process but opposition members are suspicious of delays due to possible results tempering. the coalition. against any attempt to change the results posted in front of the polling stations and hold it responsible consequences. it's been the election fraught with issues there's been violence on the streets out of vote he was caught up in three opposition strongholds benny but tembo and he'll be government officials say it was due to security concerns and in the polling outbreak that many saw that as an excuse to disrupt elections and just days before the election a blaze broke out in a warehouse in the capital kinshasa disjoint thousands of voting machines the u.s. has positioned military personnel and may bring. the white house says its
6:53 pm
imposition to support the security of united states citizens personnel and diplomatic facilities in. delays in elections have in the past led to on the streets but international pressure is building with the african union and the u.s. now calling on the government to ensure a peaceful democratic transition. in the al-jazeera. and how much concern is there that these delays would lead to get more instability and more violence. it's a huge concern a member of the selection was meant to take place twenty fifteen and for various leave being delayed and during that time we saw people take his protesting and sometimes police were deployed sometimes they used that i mean this in and sometimes people with such and killed who they are concerned the longer this takes that could happen again people will get angry become more suspicious and go to the street that's probably one reason why the united states has been american soldiers
6:54 pm
to the barn where they are told they will deploy to dion if necessary to protect american citizens one thing to watch out for later today is that we told the spokesperson plain manually diary the leading candidate give a pretty tough but maybe op that will get some kind of indication about we think that he got it was out and the elections are right. in kinshasa or thank you let's bring in joseph he's a commentator an analyst on african to say as he joins us live now from london josie voters will now have to wait another week to get the preliminary election results and they're also delays we're hearing in vote counting as well how worrying all these further delays in the electoral process. it's extraordinary it's sad but it's again another unfortunately side african story if you can't really tell why after a two year delay a government functioning government of any nature would not be able to have the
6:55 pm
capacity to organize a process in which election results would be to be delivered within time and you know in politics perception is everything and in congo there is every reason for for the citizens of that country particularly those on the opposing side to say that we're actually cooking something and that's an interesting point you make about perception because what about the other one point three million people who've not been allowed to vote presumably their votes won't make a difference anyway because the result will be known in a week they say. i was not even going to go into that because that was the beginning of phase two process of if you like an attempted reading the opposition would say but actually in a way but nearly forty years ago in uganda after nine years of mean it a lazy fall in voting process alone by one day caused chaos in that country in which we are still just about money to recover but to delay a process of counting the votes which have been delayed the press which has been
6:56 pm
delayed by more than two years and then another week and to frame to tell people that you can look out of those things these days of the internet and mobile phones is this extraordinarily it is very very difficult to attempt not the other thing though is this that while there has been an element of conversation between the electoral commission and the opposition there has been no evidence of mr kabila playing the father the elder statesman particular because no standing to bring together the various kind of parties in the process to try and assure the leadership of all sectors of congress the seneschal that are some sites are substantially suffered but i also want to say this that is a rather unfortunate actually this the united states actually giving an important signal yes that they're putting troops ready to deploy to to rescue their people if needs be but saying nothing to do to the government in kinshasa ok yes while the air you is talking there not strong voices from the region to simply say that well that the country needs slightly better than what we're seeing today will come back
6:57 pm
to the international community's reaction a second but what about the opposition joseph menn what's likely to be the next move given all these delays and the instability and the violence. i think for them they would almost certainly have every reason to say that it is of which does not favor them would be it is all to be unacceptable and i think they would be bigger and better grounds for their opposition to i you against a couple who are now in this case that i did the governing side if they ever win you know that they have a gross actually organize and mobilize and complain against these people the country is vast it is complicated but at the same time the hope is these living the opposition candidates are really people who you would not really see in the congo ten fifteen years ago so i think from that point of view i believe that it is possible for common sense to prevail at some stage joseph thank you very much
6:58 pm
indeed for your insight. now the u.s. president's expected to hold a meeting with senior staff at camp david on sunday as the partial government shutdown enters its sixteenth day white house officials met senior democratic congressional members on saturday but still haven't found a way to break the deadlock president trump refusing to sign a bill to fund the government until he gets more than five billion dollars to build a wall along the us mexico border with don estabrook is the latest from washington d.c. . vice president mike pence jared cushion or the president's son in law and close advisor and kiersten nielsen who is the secretary of homeland security met for about two hours on saturday afternoon with congressional aides talking about this government shutdown the vice president said that these talks on saturday were productive however president trump tweeted that the two sides really didn't make much headway now the vice president is going to be continuing these talks while president trump is going to be meeting with some of his senior aides at camp david
6:59 pm
presidential retreat treat meanwhile house speaker nancy pelosi announced that house democrats are going to be meeting next week to pass individual appropriations bills that would reopen some agencies including the department of treasury and the i.r.s. so the government could begin processing income tax returns and get income tax refunds back in the hands of americans now this shutdown if it goes another week that would be three weeks and it would make it the longest shutdown in u.s. history and while the politicians continue to argue eight hundred thousand government workers a still go without pay all not working a tool and that's creating a problem for essential services some transportation security agents t.s.a. who screen passengers that airports have been calling in sick because they don't want to work without pay the program providing food stamps to some thirty eight
7:00 pm
million low income americans could face drastic cuts if the shutdown continues on starting levels at national parks have been severely reduced the government decided to keep most parks open while the political analyst eric com says the partial shutdown is going to have a devastating effect on workers and their communities. if this shutdown goes another week this will be the first time within the shutdown that federal workers are not receiving paychecks and so think about that you have now that the holidays are over college students are going back to school and you have parents who are not working and so the question becomes do they pay mortgages or do they pay college tuition do they pay for groceries or do they pay utilities and so these are some of the bread and butter issues that people are faced with now as this shutdown continues to lome and they hear the president say that this shutdown he could take the shutdown for.


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